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Affordable, honest and dependable pool service company servicing South East Mallorca.

Sole authorized dealers for the supply and installation of Guardian Pool Safety Fencing in the Balearic Islands.

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We use a Palintest Photometer to test your pool. The UK's leading
water analysis technology company Palintest has more than 130 years history in the field of water testing and invented the International Standard for residual chlorine testing {DPD Test} at
major sporting events including the Beijing Olympics and Sydney
before that.

We test your swimming pool water for Ph, free, combined and total
chlorine, alkalinity, calcium hardness, bromine, cyanuric acid, free
and total copper, iron, ozone, water balance and Langlier Saturation
Index  {LSI}.

Water testing provides a pivotel role in ensuring your pool or spa
water is kept in optimum condition.

The Palintest method of testing is unparalled in accuracy compared
to traditional testing kits.
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Pool Man Cala d'Or only uses chemicals approved by the Spanish government that comply with EU standards. CTX is well established and is recognised as a premium brand having earned a reputation for first class quality and reliability. CTX is the unquestionable leader in swimming pool water care and treatment.

We Are Fully Licensed And Insured. License number is 201404306.16659. MANTENIMENT DE PISCINES.

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